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Game Crave.

Having been away from my game systems since my move back to my hometown, and subsequently getting ready for even more changes in my life, I have noticed how much I've been missing them. And likewise, playing some amazing games of the past. I could almost swear I hear them calling me. Haha.

In said list, I don't really hear anyone talk about Folklore (I've posted a trailer above), which has interesting mysteries to solve and beautifully creative graphics. It took me forever to get the game on Ps3 even after a long time since its release. Until the day I was just lucky enough to find a used, like-new disc at GameStop. Although, that isn't the only "old but gold" game I've been wanting to play. And most definitely not limited to the Ps3. Ignoring my Ps4 in favor of the other just doesn't sit well with me, they must be loved as equals (or at the very least, as close to equal as I can manage).

Final Fantasy type 0, the original Devil May Cry games, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, Telltale Games The Walking Dead, Prince of Persia, God of War, Soul Calibur 4 and 5 respectively, Resident Evil 4 (which is still probably my favorite of them all), Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls... even Spyro is totally haunting me lately. The list goes on.

Of course, this doesn't even remotely cover the games I bought that I haven't had the pleasure of playing through yet. Like Monster Hunter World, Horizon New Dawn, Control (which I never bought on Ps2 or Ps3 so I'm looking forward to trying it out), The Medium, The new Life is Strange Colors. So on and so forth, as they say. I know, I know. It sucks doesn't it? But, I still have a few games I've never played on my Ps3 as well.

Much like my process with books, I have purposely kept myself from playing through a number of my games so that I could fully immerse myself in those worlds at my own pace, have a thousand new little experiences without all the spoilers and hype, and not end up without anything new to play (or read, if we were talking books). So, while my extended trip home and away from my systems wasn't totally part of the plan, don't pity me too much. At least they are in storage patiently awaiting my arrival. Surely in this scenario, I'm the impatient one now.

While I don't imagine that everyone out there is living my current struggle, I know that Christmas is only a week away. And if you, dear reader, are anything like my nephews (or perhaps I should say family since gaming was an interesting choice topic at a recent function, furthering my unfortunate feelings of long-distance with my games)--don't even get me started on my books- you just might be confronting a little game crave of your own this holiday season.

I mean, I can't be the only one still totally in love with my old systems, right? Dare I say, totally preferring them over the PS5, without remorse.

Anyone else a little confused about how quickly this year passed by and yet totally aware of the frenzy of emotions and events that took place in it? Did I happen to mention any of your favorites? Or even a game you haven't played? What's a few of the games you have on the brain finishing out this year?


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