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LP2T Ep. 0 Prologue.

Thank you in advance for reading! 
In ep. 0 we get a glimpse into Yura's head and a sense of her past..


This prologue was last UPDATED January, 2024 <3

LP2T Ep. 1: Beg.

In Ep 1, As Yura travels home in Boa City, from an unknown starting point, she happens across an unfortunate situation between an "innocent" and Enforcers who are collecting Nair (money).

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LP2T Ep. 2: Your Puppets

In Ep 2, Yura has quickly put an end to the conflicts of last episode, but through her narritive thoughts, we understand that this has not come easy.

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LP2T Ep. 3: Promise.

In Ep 3, Yura returns home and introduces us to Vinnie and Sami, two people who found her the night she died.

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LP2T Ep. 4: Not Enough.

In Ep 4, Yura's narrative thoughts give another glimpse into her past as she heads to the next city. She plans to return "home," but only after her goals have been realized.

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LP2T Ep. 5: Nair.

In Ep 5, We catch a glimpse of Resin, a new character, and Yura steps in for another "innocent" who is accused of stealing Nair (money) from an Enforcer.

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LP2T Ep. 6: The Blue Guardian.

In Ep 6, The lost boy Albert is reunited with his sister. Yura pays for damages and meets a new Enforcer who might not be like the rest..?

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LP2T Ep. 7: Resin.

In Ep 7, Yura notices a boy following her through the crowd who introduces himself as Resin--a talkative child who quickly realizes she is the Blue Guardian. Yura senses that there's something more to him but she can't exactly put her finger on it.. 

LP2T Ep. 8: Orphan.

In Ep 8, Yura's journey has just begun but it seems like Resin will be tagging along. And from the looks of it, has secrets of his own.

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LP2T Ep. 9: What's Wrong.

In Ep 9, Resin asks Yura questions that have unintended consequences when they tread the line of her past. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Rythe and Hazi--who also seem to be connected to Yura's past. 

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LP2T Ep. 10: Chained Posessions.

In Ep 10, we take our first peek into Rythe's mind and circumstances of his torment, when he wakes from a dream. A servant, Clem, brings him a communicator that sends him off on another unwelcomed mission. 

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LP2T Ep. 11: Afraid of the Dark.

In Ep 11, Yura wakes up in the cave surrounded by darkness. When Resin clues her in on what happened before her fall, amd she realizes another one of her secrets is out--not only has Resin found out she is the Blue Guardian, but he's even seen her face! 

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LP2T Ep. 12: Perfectly Unnatural Light.

In Ep 12, Resin's words bring back memories of a conversation with Sami and Vinnie wherein Yura is told the story of how a 'light' led the way to her body after her death. 

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LP2T Ep. 13: Perfectly Unnatural Light Pt2.

In Ep 13, Sami continues to describe what occured after finding Yura. A unique combination of mystery and an unorthodox approach makes for an interesting start to lifelong relationships..?

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LP2T Ep. 14: Shadow.

In Ep 14, we are introduced to a new character, Honora, and sift through some of her thoughts. Buried beneath a smile, a secret plagues her. 

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LP2T Ep. 15: A Monster's Dream.

In Ep 15, Accompanied by August (who is known almost exclusively by another name), Chaos has seemingly just returned home when she is summoned by the ever-mysterious Reno.

LP2T Ep. 16: Beautiful Incident.

In Ep 16, Via another character, Ania, we discover the 'incident' Reno referenced in the previous episode. Ania struggles with how she should view Chaos: Is she an exhausted human and savior, or is she the homicidal monster that everyone says she is?

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LP2T Ep. 17: Maybe.

In Ep 17, Amara, Ania's younger sister, worriedly confronts her after days of gloom. Is she right to think that her sister's mood has something to do with the girl she'd seen leaving the resturant? She recounts the 'incident' days prior from her perspective, ultimately afflicted by the memories making their way to her concious. 

LP2T Ep. 18: A Bad Feeling.

In Ep 18, Yura and Resin make it out of the caves. Their relatively peaceful evening takes an eerie turn when a server explains that they've come at a less than ideal time. What's Hell Hour? Does the feeling in Yura's stomach signify trouble ahead, or had the man's talk caused unneccesary worry?

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LP2T Ep. 19: Threads.

In Ep 19, Yura and Resin are off to shop for new clothes. A sullen moment turns to hope, and a conversation about motivations leads to questions about Enforcers. Are they really so different from the rest of the citizens in a corrupt world? Should she give them the benefit of the doubt? 

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LP2T Ep. 20: Disappointment.

In Ep 20, Yura and Resin happen across an unfortunate scene after leaving the shopkeep. Yura offers a solution to the problem to save an innocent, extending an olive branch.


LP2T Announcement1: Moved Plus!

Yura and many of the LP2T characters explain the move from webtoons to ADMCreations. You'll find a simple explanation of things coming to the website, the role that badges play in free prizes, becoming a member, the coming option for bonus episodes, and More.


LP2T Ep. 21: You.

In Ep 21, When the Enforcers aren't willing to compromise, Yura attempts to protect an innocent named Mira. Only, things quickly become hectic and Yura faces an attack to shield Resin.

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LP2T Ep. 22:

In Ep 22, Yura realizes that the wound acquired from protecting Resin further endangers them and decides to get Mira out of harm's way with no time to reunite. Meanwhile, separated from Yura, Resin anxiously pieces together last events.


LP2T Ep. 23: Why.

In Ep 23, things take a turn for the worse. The Enfocers go after an already injured Yura and the innocent, Mira. Resin hurries to warn Yura about the reinforcements and a concerned Sybil is not far behind.

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LP2T Ep. 24: Counter.

 In Ep 24, Yura has an emotional break and her counter to the Enforcers' attack sends a dangerous whirlwind of power across the city. Sybil bears witness as one such Enforcer snatches Resin away during the distraction.

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