Supporting the Author and Charities Alike.

A portion of each book sale is donated to a number of charities/organizations. 

These include...

  • SPIDR Suicide Prevention Initiative and Depression Research Foundation

  • DAV Disabled American Veterans

  • NCH The National Coalition for the Homeless

  • CZ Campaign Zero

  • NAACP The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

  • PW Pride at Work

  • GF The Grameen Foundation

  • ACORE American Council on Renewable Energy


I'd love to donate to more as book sales increase.

Regardless of our personal opinions, the world is full with a myriad of different people who live different lives. 

 If my donations will mean that even ONE more person gets the help they need, then I will continue to donate to any degree that I am able. My readers, however, make that possible.

I can only hope that you feel the same!


If you have suggestions for other charities, please feel free to send me a message via the Contact page. 


** Please click abbreviations for more information on each organization. **