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Supporting the Author and Charities Alike.

A portion of each book sale is donated to a number of charities/organizations

These include...

•    BH

Better Help

•    DAV

Disabled American Veterans

•    NCH

The National Coalition for the Homeless

•    CZ

Campaign Zero

•    PW

Pride at Work

•    GF

The Grameen Foundation

•    ACORE

American Council on Renewable Energy


I'd love to donate to more as book sales increase.

Regardless of our personal opinions, the world is full with a myriad of different people who live different lives.


 If my donations will mean that even ONE more person gets the help they need, then I will continue to donate to any degree that I am able. My readers, however, make that possible. 


I can only hope that you feel the same!


If you have suggestions for other charities, please feel free to send me a message via the Contact page


** Please Note that the charities listed here are identical to those listed in current books, but these charities may change without notice at the author's discretion. If you have suggestions please reach out at any time. Thank you.

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