About Me...

I consider myself to be a simple person. I care about the other people around me and I have lived my life trying to show others the kindness I think we all deserve. I believe love is the language most easily understood across barriers and it is the only thing strong enough to change the world. 


I grew up in abusive homes, suffer from chronic depression, anxiety, debilitating migraines, and PTSD from childhood trauma and other related experiences. No. This is not a self-diagnosis I was homeless multiple times in my life and learned many things throughout my journey that have shaped who I am today. 

These unfortunate facts are important. Not just because they are the truth, which can often be hard to find in our lives today, but because it offers a little insight to the places I have been in my life.  Still, I believe it says very little about where I am going. Similarly, it is part of the reason I value each purchase made by you wonderful readers and aspiring/current authors alike. Your purchase and any other support (support is not always monetary),  gives back to others via multiple charities. In this case, you are helping support charities/organizations with a good track-record that will help many other people in need.


Please find more information about how your purchase is giving back on the Charities page.

I am an avid reader myself, and I love almost everything about books. My favorite book since 8th grade is, and may forever be, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. Here is a link to buy it on Amazon if interested!

I absolutely love a good horror film, eating fruit (anything other than bananas), spending time with loved ones, cooking, binge-watching a good show on Netflix or Hulu when I have the chance, learning languages, and drawing.

I also have some lovely pets that I could share pics of all day. Not only are they absolutely adorable, not to mention hilarious, but they love me unconditionally. Which is a quality I learn from every day. The same goes for their loyalty and sense of care. How can we see these things in our pets and not find ways to transition such  pure feelings into actions? Into our interactions with other people? 

If you would like to get to know me better, see my pets, learn about the books I am reading or have read, and more...please look out my blog updates. If you have questions for me, want to add a question to the next author interview in any of my books, or something of the sort...please do so via the Contact page.