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The Books!

The Crystal Key Book Series

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Crystal Key: Door to a New World.

Book Description: 

"When the door opened, I saw it pull you in-"

A story of destiny and worlds outside the one we know; PHELIA, a 7 year old with a knowledge base no one in Snowville has ever seen; ZANE, Phelia's older brother and protector; VICTOR, Zane's nonchalant best friend; GRACE, an orphan with hair as red as her heart; and TRUE the outcast, a girl new to Snowville who never shows her face.

An abandoned building beckons them and The Darkness is after them, ready to destroy the very fabric of reality.

Five people, five crystals that lead to another world - their fates intertwined in a way none of them could have imagined...

Crystal Storm: Battleground.

Book Description: 

"THE Darkness doesn't need to develop its own body. It needs to possess one."


VICTOR struggles to keep his nightmares a secret and his sleepless nights take their toll. PHELIA meets Fayth, a cat-like beast who tells her that they have been connected since birth. ZANE unravels the truth behind the voice in his head and the scope of what is to come. EUSTIS decides to try and mend his relationship with Grace and is thrown into the chaos of worlds he hadn't known, or imagined, ever existed. GRACE's life changes forever with the arrival of Blitz, a colorful magical creature, and Eustis seeks friendship during conflict at home? TRUE's torment at school increases since her newfound friendship, until she finds an unlikely ally in Mrs. Burroughs.


The key holders grapple with conflicts from all sides when they meet their predecessors and eventually find themselves in another world. All the while, the rest of Flare Wing's mysteries come to light during another war with The Darkness.


We continue through the doors of another world with new faces, to unravel mystery.

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Crystal Fragment.

Book Description: 

**Image will be updated as Book 3 Release/Pre-Order release date nears.**


Wishes Duology

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Writing Wishes.

Book Description: 

**Image will be updated as Book 1 Release/Pre-Order release date nears.**


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Wishing Well.

Book Description: 

**Image will be updated as Book 2 Release/Pre-Order release date nears.**

Stand-Alone Works

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A Ghostly Fate.

Book Description: 

**Image will be updated as Book Release/Pre-Order release date nears.**

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Blackbird Beckoning.

Book Description: 

**Image will be updated as Book Release/Pre-Order release date nears.**

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