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Favorite Actors.

Hello Lovelies.

I've been meaning to make a quick little post like this for a little while, so here we are. This fine Tuesday afternoon I was thinking about some of wonderful films I've watched and the versatile actors that have lit up those screens. It made me realize I haven't mentioned any of my favorite actors yet! We can't have that, not with all the movie and series content on my website, right? So, today I'm fixing that a bit.

This list isn't as specific as it could be, so I'll break down my favorites in subcategories over time. And of course, I'll have to do a list for my favorite actresses as well. Anyway, the following list, excluding #s 0 & 1, are in no particular order.

Do you see any of your favorites? 😉

0. Anton Yelchin

1. James McAvoy

2. Chris Tucker

3. Donnie Yen

4. Evan Peters

5. Morgan Freeman

6. Freddie Highmore

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

8. Denzel Washington

9. Liam Neeson

10. Ryan Renolds

11. Jet Li

12. Keanu Reeves

13. Bruce Willis

14. Samuel L. Jackson

15. Simon Pegg

16. Robin Williams

17. Mike Colter

18. Benedict Cumberbatch

19. Hugh Laurie

20. David Tenant

🎖🫡 Honorable Mention:

Nicholas Cage!🫡🎖


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