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CK Book 1 Bonus Image

Happy Monday Everyone.

Haha. I never thought I would put the words "happy" and "Monday" in the same sentence. Oh how the times have changed. > < Anyhow, back to the post.

It has come to my attention that I never shared the bonus image for Crystal Key: Door to a New World here yet. If you have the eBook by chance, you've been able to see this image in full color, but for those of you who have the paperback or hardcover, that isn't an option. So, today I am fixing this. I will also be providing the bonus images for everyone to see after every book's release so no one is missing out.

While I have your attention, I wanted to remind everyone that Book 2 of The Crystal Key Book Series will be releasing soon! The release date had actually been pushed back since I lost the contents of my SD card some months ago. No worries, Book 2 was not a rush job. It took 6 months for me to start re-writing it after I lost everything, but I also had most of an unedited rough draft at my disposal. Thus, all these months later, things are going well. As the release date for Book 2 nears, I will post a chapter of the book here.

Oh! Almost forgot. Book 2, also known as Crystal Storm: Battleground, front cover has been revealed on the Books page!!

Please Note: Book 2 has a slightly different feel the first book's cover. This is exactly as intended and reflects the other books in the series. By the series end, you will see how they all fit together.

That said, here's the Bonus Image (Bonus Images change with every book in this series). Look familiar? Yep. Have you watched the short promo vid on the homepage lately? Thanks for all your support. If you enjoyed the first book please think about leaving a review and creating a profile on the website to receive your badge. Enjoy!


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