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Subject: Website updates!

Hi-Ho Adm community and visitors!

If you have been to the website before today (04/2/2021), you may notice that there are quite a few changes on the site. I just wanted to run through the most pressing ones.

  1. Yes! The Website and the mobile site are optimized a little differently, but the page content and basic set-up is the same. It should be very self explanatory and user friendly. If you have any important issues, please let me know and I will work to fix them. Please be patient with me, I'm still getting used to the website process!

  2. YES! You can totally log in now (always FREE access)! I didn't realize that I hadn't added that feature before. Oops. Haha. Forgive me. It is here now. Sign-Up/Log-in via Facebook, Gmail, or Email. Quick and easy. Any content that costs will aways be clearly marked.

  3. There is a member's page for everyone to see who has decided to join and interact on the website now. Click their profiles to see a little about them. Please, kind words and interactions only!

  4. Please only comment on blog posts in response to the blogs themselves or as the subject directly relates to other peoples' comments. If you have other commentary or the like for me please reach out via the contact page.

  5. Member Badges are available! This is a new feature that I've added. You can earn badges many ways. You can earn a badge just from creating and filling out your profile. Other ways to earn badges include submitting/sending Q&A Author Interview Questions via email/the contact page, sending photos of your copies of any book listed on the the Books page, commenting and or/liking blogs, earning other badges, making purchases on the website (when available), and MORE.

\(^ ^)/

  1. Soon, I will have the merchandise / shop page up and running. Please check it periodically for art/décor and related items. Including but not limited to stickers, notebooks, bookmarks/bookmark sets, clothes, tumblers, and more. All of these items will be original creations.

  2. I will check the website often. Please be respectful and mindful here. This is not a public space, but I fully intend for it to stay a safe and kind place to find yourself in. I have added more features with the thought in mind to interact with more of you who have been supporting me, the charities and my art in general. Any of you who would like to interact with more people from the website, feel free but please keep these things in mind. 😉💕

  3. Anyone who does not want to sign-up, please don't feel obligated to do so. I would love to interact with all of you, but I understand that these things take time and there may be some of you who are silent supporters (Ironically there is a badge for that in a different capacity, Haha). You will still be able to interact in other ways with the website, as very little has changed in that regard, so no worries there!

**Please note: Only website members can read the comic after the prologue!! I hope this was clear enough. Thank you for sticking around and reading. 😊


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