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Subject: Website updates!

Hi-Ho Adm community and visitors!

If you have been to the website before today (04/2/2021), you may notice that there are quite a few changes on the site. I just wanted to run through changes.

  1. Yes! The Website and the mobile site are optimized a little differently, but the page content and basic set-up is the same. It should be very self explanatory and user friendly. If you have any important issues, please let me know and I will work to fix them. Please be patient with me, I'm still getting used to the website process.

  2. YES! You can totally log in now. I didn't realize that I hadn't added that feature even though it should have been obvious that I hadn't. Oops. Haha. Forgive me. It is here now. Sign-Up/Log-in via Facebook, Gmail, or Email.

  3. There is a member's page for everyone to see who has decided to join and interact on the website now. Click their profiles to see a little about them. Please, kind words and interactions only!

  4. Please only comment on blog posts in response to the blogs themselves or as the subject directly relates to other people's comments. If you have other commentary or the like for me please reach out via the contact page. I plan to add a page where we can all interact more freely soon.