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A Good Holiday Gift Series

The Graceling Series

With the some of the most widely celebrated holidays right around the corner, it only seems fitting that I start adding to book gift ideas. I figure maybe a few of you would enjoy it as well. It is times like these that book lovers would appreciate Hanukah's (which started 2 days ago) 8 gifted nights. Shopping for them might be much easier this year. Although, of course, we should all appreciate the Jewish faith as well as any other religion for what they truly are. Celebrations of life, each other and their respected beliefs.

In any case, books make a wonderful holiday gift! My first holiday gift series to recommend is a nice little read. The Graceling Series by Kristin Cashore. Buy it HERE on Amazon. I personally prefer the hardcovers (shown above), but the paperbacks (shown below) also have interesting covers. Considering that the paperback series is also considerably cheaper, the link will take you there. As an avid reader, sometimes it pays well to buy one set cheaper so you have money for another one! Hahaha.