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Another Forgotten Gem.

Hello All!

If you've read my previous blog post then you'd know that I recently found some of my old college/university work. If you haven't read that blog post and you've come here, please check out the play I'd written (for which I have provided a free PDF download for your convenience) Here. If you know what I am talking about then I thank you for your interest and I hope you've enjoyed it.

Today, I have another forgotten gem to share. Although, I will say that this one will flow a little different. Not only because it is written in paragraphs like most stories (I find the way plays are written to be a bit awkward), but also because of the events. When I wrote this short story, my professor specifically asked that I keep it under 14 pages including the title page. I recall being very disappointed because the "number" which you will understand after reading, was meant to be five or six and not "two/2."

Another thing that I noticed is that I couldn't help but have a character that is very much the polar opposite of Ralph from the play, still like something in common. In this case, the puns/corny jokes. I am quite sure this was for my own personal satisfaction because I truly adore these types of small jokes/puns. Haha. Maybe one day I will do a blog post full of them just for the heck of it. Who knows?

Anyhow, without further delay, here is forgotten gem #2. The Countdown: A Short Story. I have also attached a Character Page (both PDF files) for Francis in which I explain a little about him as a character.

Please Note: These documents, as well as the short play, are unedited pdf files so it is possible to find a few mistakes though not many.

What do you think about these characters? I personally wished I had been able to write this one until my hearts content with all "numbers" involved. I would have enjoyed the extra character development.

Download PDF • 503KB

Download PDF • 279KB

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