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A Short Play I Wrote for English.


I apologize for the delay in uploading blogs. I wish there was an automatic update feature that I could use. Haha. In any case, as you may be able to tell from the title, this blog is about a short play I wrote for a English university/college course. I was looking through the files on my computer and found some interesting work(s) I forgot I wrote. This one, is by far one of the best of the forgotten gems. So, I thought to share it with you guys.

I don't often write plays so I was surprised to have forgotten it in the first place. I am attaching the file as a pdf, as is. I wonder if you guys will like it? It was an assignment for my creative writing minor, and my professor asked to keep it (I also got a 100%) so maybe it is some good?

Ah. For those who may not know, I am currently taking a break from college but I am a year and a half away from my BA in Psychology, my AA in Liberal Arts, and my Minor in Creative Writing. Things have been too hectic for me to continue at the moment, but I should get a lot done in the coming months so, I expect to return to school by next year if things take longer than expected. Anyhow, enjoy!

Note: YES!! I actually created the attached image myself! I "painted" it digitally on the arts program (on my laptop) because I couldn't really think of any famous artworks off the top of my head that would go best with the play. Didn't want to overdo it, so I did a quick job. I just finished it actually. You like? Haha.


What do you think about "A Real Man"?

Eng327 Final Play_A Real Man
Download PDF • 181KB


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