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A Great 1920's Read.

A quick short story that takes no time to read!

The Gay Old Dog, by Edna Ferber is a wonderful short read. Find it on Amazon HERE.

*Please Note: Book covers may differ based on copy.

If you wonderful people follow my Instagram then you have definitely seen my post about this gem. There's not much to say about it since it is a story of roughly 46 pages or less (front and back) depending on your copy.

However, I often offer my descriptions for books on my Instagram (not all titles are listed on this website and vice versa), so if that would help, feel free to take a look there.

If you need/want to follow me, you can always find links to my Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon page(s) via the icons on the bottom the website.

As for the book...what I can tell you, however, is that I found Jo Hertz (the protagonist) to be a character full of depth and heart. I was very emotionally invested in his struggles and life. Especially when it came to the burdens he carried and his insensitive siblings.

Maybe you will find it an enjoyable read as well? If you've read it, how did you feel about Jo's story? Was he a lovable or detestable character for you? Is there something you think he should have done differently?


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