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Action Movies for the Weekend#²!

Hello, Hello!

It's been a while since I've posted a blog and even longer since I suggested films for some action-packed weekend fun!

Life has been a little crazy on my end (let's not get into the details), and I realized I needed a break. Since I'm still away from my games (😭), I thought I could at least fall back to something else I liked. For some much needed time to recuperate. Maybe, just maybe, I'm not the only one? Here's some action movie suggestions for you and the family, some of which you might have never seen. Please expect more suggestions, and blogs, to come!

Kill Me Three Times (2017). Let Simon Pegg take you on an a one-of-a-kind actiony adventure.

Phone Booth (2002). A man with secrets stalked by a man who is a secret? A mystery in a phonebooth.

A Janitor (2022). A Japanese action film about a janitor named Fukami (Fukushi, Seiji) with a bloody past. Don't worry. We get to enjoy from afar.

The Childe (2023). A film following Marco (Kang Tae-joo), a half korean half Filipino taking care of his sick mom who needs surgery. Hunted and bombarded with danger, he's in for a shock.

Set It Off (1996). Even if it's just been a while, it's worth a re-watch. If you haven't seen it, you just might have been living under a rock. An awesome film with 90s ladies leading the way to greener pastures. Starring Queen Latifah, Jada-Pickett Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Kimberly Elise.

Level 16 (2018). A Canadian science fiction movie. Two girls are about to learn that their "school" has a trove of hidden secrets. Who says they aren't perfect after all? Honestly not much action, more thriller but an interesting watch.

Breach (2007). Eric thinks he's getting his big break in the FBI once he gets the chance to work with a big-shot in the field. Unfortunately, things aren't so simple.

The Girl With All the Gifts (2016). Sennia Nanua stars in this film as Melanie. A girl who is immune to a virus plaguing the world, trying to understand herself and carrying the future's possibilities along with her. More wholesome than action.

The Jason Bourne Film Series (2002-2007). Could you imagine being part of the CIA as a killer but diassociating the entire time and not sure you remember it? Five movies starring Matt Damon. Emphasis on the third film, The Bourne Ultimatum.

The Witch: Subversion (2018) & The Witch 2: The Other One (2022). Out of Korea comes something interesting. An action-horror film about a high school girl, a group of strangers, and its sequel.

Mayhem (2017). An action-packed performance from Glen--I mean Steven Yeun. It's not TWD but things do get messy!

Chronicle (2012). Three teenagers gain powers from contact with the unknown, changing their lives and the bond they'd built. Anyone else sure that Michael B. Jordan's body levels up throughout his years in film but he forever has a baby face?

BKO: Bangkok Knockout (2010): A Thai film showcassing a group of teens with a variety of martial arts under their belt kicking butt? Scoot over.

Eastern Promises (2007). What does the death of a teenager, a pregnancy, and the Russian mob have to do with each other? In this movie? Everything. And Naomi Watts is about to find out.

Deliver US From Evil (2020). Who says assassins are the only ones who chase? In this film, an assassin is chased down for a murder he committed while in Thailand to solve a kidnapping case.

Re: Born (2006): Japanese action film about a supernatural soldier. It was new to me. Who knows, you might like it.

Plane (2023). A pilot and a prisoner work together to save passengers. A film starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter. It's worth a watch just because these two are in the same movie.

The Departed (2006). Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Mark Walhberg star in the same crime thriller. Expect action and corrurption my friends.

Safe House (2012). When Denzel Washington is smirking at you from the other end of the screen do you ask questions or just watch? I thought so. Ryan Renolds is there too. How neat is that?

Clash (2009). A Vietnamese action film, also known as Bay Rong, for some extra Asian drama fun. Enjoy all the martial arts Veronica Ngo and Johnny Tri Ngyune have to offer as they team up for another movie (previously starred together in a film called The Rebel).

Searching (2018). Although this film is a bit more thriller than action, John Cho made waves in the industry with this role, a father on the search for his 16 year-old daughter. It gives a similar feel to the 2013 film Missing starring Nia Long and Storm Reid.

The Fearless (2006). Jet-Li is at it again in this martial arts film. I think that answers most of your questions. Just enjoy the butt kicking. Haha.

Black Panther (2018) & Wakanda Forever (2022). I don't think that there's anyone out there (at least with the internet in the past 6 years) who hasn't seen these two beautiful- visually appealing-movies. I still can't believe how they did Auntie Angela Bassett in the second movie, but that's okay, we can enjoy them both a hundred times. There better be a third film to make up for the second. R.I.P Chadwick Boseman.


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