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A Good Supernatural Read.

The Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill is an amazing supernatural read! If it isn't on your TBR, at the least, I recommend you try it out. Find it HERE.

Even if you aren't a huge fan of fiction, if you like a supernatural thriller/mystery and have an insatiable taste for entertaining yet captivating read, this is the book for you. I caution you, however, because you may find yourself as helpless as I.

I recall when I first found this book some years ago now. I was so engrossed in the book that I read it in one night. I didn't eat a thing the entire day and couldn't even be bothered with the thought of going to the bathroom--there was no way I was about to put the book down and make the grueling trek out of the door, down the hall, and to the bathroom. Haha. It isn't very often that I am that lost in a book, so I figured that I should mention it to all of you when I was thinking about the books lining my shelves.

This book has received quite a bit of love over the years. Enough that I had to replace it before we relocated. I am very glad I did, too. You can't beat a fantastic book that's also in fantastic condition. I don't think any book lovers would argue with that. I know that Halloween has come and gone, but can one ever be too late to get excited for Halloween all over again? I'm definitely planning to share a couple good Halloween reads this year.


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