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2 Sentence Horror Stories.

Hello Everyone.

Tonight I've got a little treat for you in thr spirit of Halloween! Please enjoy these 2-sentence horror stories! I tried to scale back on the spooky a bit😅. Happy Spooky Season! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃

1. We all went to class Friday morning. None of us ever left.

2. My best friend's funeral was yesterday. Now she's staring right at me, dressed in her favorite clothes, crunching glass from my broken mirror.

3. My mother used to say nothing is free, but she was wrong. Everything's free when you're dead.

4. Karla's song used to be my favorite thing. At least, until the day it never stopped.

5. They say everyone has a skeleton in the closet. I never thought it'd be mine.

6. Riley hid under the bed. Who's the boy holding his dad with the same face?

7. Everyone loves identical twins. Until one of them is a murderer.

8. I was known for my 'green thumb.' That was, until my favorite plant ripped them off.

9. I watched the world burn from the window in the basement. Now I'm the only one left.

10. The entire family knows the stories of our great uncle Pete, twice removed, especially the bloody ones. Turns out, they'd tell stories about me too.

11. I always admired Julia from afar with equal parts admiration and envy. I never expected that I could take her place.

12. In our small town there's a story as old as time, saturated with the screams and cries of lost souls. Today on my hike, I heard yours and mine.

13. There's a woman in the wood behind our cabin. If you see her, you die.

14. I know about the man in the grave. Because you buried him on top of me.

15. What if I told you, you had a friend in the dark? And all you had to do was set me free?

16. I remember the way the machine shredded apart my flesh and the searing pain as it crushed my brain. Tomorrow, you'll finally feel the same.

17. Jonathan hated his wife, so he made the choice to end her life. Now, he kills her every day but she won't stay dead.

18. A man appeared in the dead of night, to tell me that my worst enemy would meet a messy end. He failed to mention, however, that it would be by my hands.

19. A peculiar sound drew me to the basment. When I could never open the door again, I realized I never left.

20. Sarah liked to visit the graves at the cemetery long after dark. It was a precious place after all, where she killed her friends John and Mark.

21. Beatrix drove through the heavy autumn fog as the clock struck midnight. As the night dragged on and she passed a familiar sign, the clock struck midnight again.

22. Donny Ricks went out to play with sticks, excited for Halloween. On the first of November the neighbors found him with a permanent scream.


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Alexia D. Miller
Alexia D. Miller
Nov 05, 2023

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I tried to keep it simple. Thank you for such lively responses🥰.

I hope you had a nice holiday.


Nov 01, 2023


These are #good!

6. Riley might have to kill himself 🔪because Fuu#k that

8. #BURN that fu#king plant #YESTERDAY!


12. #YOURS and #MINE? Fuuuu#k

14. If that was a fresh grave then that's #smart, 😅 sorry ghosty

15. #NAH fam I don't like dark places, you #stay over there #FOREVER

16. Fu#k that got dark

Whatever he did, he probably deserved it tho so

17. #Down with #Johnathan because wtf??? A simple #DIVORCE wasn't on the spectrum???

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