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128 Days to Go.


With only 128 days left to go in the year and much to be done, I've been putting together a new daily schedule for myself. It is a simple series of changes I often do when I'm feeling overwhelmed and less productive than usual. Not to mention wanting to escape the current negativity swarming its way through my head and hopefully any more asinine drama with my sister.

Anyhow, for those of you who might've already thought me a recluse, this is as close as I'll probably get as I shut myself off from most of the outside world and dive deep into the many creative obs in my path. I'll be trying to wrap up some website projects, get more comic episodes up on the LP2T Comic page (some of which I'm SO excited to share), work more consistently on my novels, and keep figuring out things for the merch shop. Wish me luck!

Also!! I realized just how close we are to my favorite time of the year! Come on Autumn days, Fall rains, and Spooky movies! I was thinking I'd give some eerie book suggestions and write a page of two-sentence horror stories for you all this year. I might even throw in a spooky short story for the blog😄.

Thoughts? Is there anything in particular you guys are interested in? Let me know!


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