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Shows I'll Be Binge-watching Into 2023.

I thought I'd share the television shows that I plan to binge as soon as my time starts to free up again going into 2023 (and where you might be able to watch them). So, most likely December through January on my end. Have some catching up to do before new seasons rear their heads. - Ginny & Georgia (Netflix) - Young Royals (Netflix) - The Blacklist (Amazon/ Netflix/ Peacock) - The Sandman (Netflix) - The Walking Dead (Amazon/ Neflix) - The Equalizer (Amazon/ Hulu/ Paramount+) - Titans (Amazon/ Freebee/ HBO Max) - 9-1-1 (Amazon/ Hulu) - Evil (Amazon/ Paramount+) - You (Amazon/ Netflix) Nowadays you can likely watch almost all of the television shows on this list via Youtube and Google Play Movies & TV. I'm not sure what's most cost effective for everyone, but is it just me or does the cost of multiple subscription services cost the same as cable TV nowadays?

And yet, cable TV doesn't exactly do most shows justice. I hated trying to continue watching something on cable but missing an episode in between and anxiously trying to catch it again. At least with a subscription you're pretty much on your own time. I do have a peeve with Netflix though, since it removes shows to brings them back later, but at least they give you some warning and shows you what's on the way out the door.

Anyway, see you guys on the next one!


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