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Random Writing Prompts!

Hello, Hello!

It has been a while since I mentioned writing. As such, I got the idea to throw some very random prompts out there for you today. Here's some choices for you on the fly.

If you're looking for a little practice, you may find it helpful. Just try to write a paragraph or two. See where it takes you. Maybe it will inspire you to write something new. If you're feeling artsy, maybe you could even just draw up something that depicts the promps with your own little spin.

  1. Write about a three-legged cat on a grand journey.

  2. A character (you chose a point-of-view) comes across a creature, whose apperance and personality are at odds with one another, and decides to take them home.

  3. On a rare trip to Antarctica, two coworkers stumble across a secret town below ice.

  4. Two adoptive siblings find out that they are actually related.

  5. An ancient beast and a two young children afraid of heights go on an unlikely journey together.

  6. What was supposed to be a normal trip to the grocery store, because a mysterious journey instead.

  7. One faithful day, you discover that favorite childhood heirloom hides unimaginable secrets.

  8. Two childhood friends that no longer get along, wake up in an abandoned castle with no recollection of how they'd gotten there.

  9. A chef finds out that his favorite dish has magical properties.

  10. By stroke of luck, a young woman survives a deadly incident, only to find out after another like-incident occurs, that neither were accidents.

  11. A young boy escapes a forest filled with copies of himself.

  12. An unlikely duo must trade places in order to save their families.

  13. 15 years ago, stars began falling to the earth, and with every collision with earth's energy field, a new cosmic being arrives on the planet.

  14. A character unearths a terrible secret beneath a stone slab in their neighbor's backyard.

  15. A man travels back in time to keep his first love from dying. His acts have unexpected consequences.

  16. Write a story about a group of people who write disappearing messages on rocks that later reappear in another part of The world.

Of course, you can write about anything and everything you want. You could even mix and match elements from the prompts above into a totally new idea. Go with your gut and remember to write something that you can just enjoy for a few moments. Let your mind wander to the creative spaces tucked away.

Happy writing! 💫📝💫


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