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Random Writing Prompts!

Hello, Hello!

It has been a while since I mentioned writing. And since my initial post concerning writing tips that included free writing and making up some prompts for yourself, it's been some time. As such, I got the idea to throw some very random prompts out there for you today. Here's some choices for you on the fly.

If you're looking for a little practice, you may find it helpful. Just try to write a paragraph or two. See where it takes you. Maybe it will inspire you to write something new. If you're feeling artsy, maybe you could even just draw up something that depicts the promps with your own little spin.

  1. Write about a three-legged cat on a grand journey.

  2. A character (you chose a point-of-view) comes across a creature, whose apperance and personality are at odds with one another, and decides to take them home.

  3. On a rare trip to Antarctica, two coworkers stumble across a secret town below ice.

  4. Two adoptive siblings find out that they are actually related.

  5. An ancient beast and a two young children afraid of heights go on an unlikely journey together.

  6. What was supposed to be a normal trip to the grocery store, because a mysterious journey instead.