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Action Movies for the Weekend.

Hello, Hello Everyone!

If you recall, my last blog post was about books turned film. Going with that momentum, I decided that I would put together a list of some fantastic action films that I LOVE.

My love for books is probably boundless, but I have a DVD collection of movies and TV shows that I have been adding to again, which inspired me to put together this list. And, I must say, I am very much a fan of film, but I have particular tastes when it comes to movies. Which, some probably find odd, but we all have things we like in a certain way or for a certain reason, right?

Mind you, I have come across a great number of people who laughed at the fact that I have a DVD collection in the first

place, but I think my late grandmother, Linda L. Cook, had a lot to do with it. For as long as I could remember, she had this large, heavy wooden cabinet full of VCR tapes and DVDs. I loved it, even when she had cable. If I wasn't sneaking to read my sister Glinda's books (she didn't really read them but they were hers and she didn't want me touching her stuff--I didn't have my own books), I wanted to watch my grandmother's movies. Granted, I watched so much Scooby Doo and Shirley Temple that I could recite the episodes without effort, but there were plenty other movies in that box. A lot of nights we watched horror films (I will definitely make suggestions of that kind this year as we get closer to Halloween). My grandmother had the habit of falling asleep after a few hours and I had to stay up watching them alone. Good times. Haha.

Anyway...If you are someone who thinks that it is pointless to have DVDs nowadays, I pose this question to you: If you fall on hard times, or for whatever reason your internet goes out, how would you get to that tv show or that movie you like to watch? How will those parents find that cartoon their child likes to watch every day? When I was homeless, I already had part of my DVD collection. There was a time when I couldn't even pay for a Netflix or Hulu subscription every month, but I could still enjoy movies and tv when I had them on DVD. I could use my portable DVD player while my tv was in the storage unit with the rest of my things, and watch a couple movies to forget being hungry or have a less stressful night before bed. Aside from that, movies are simply enjoyable.

So, without further delay, here are some amazing action films to fill your weekend. As per usual, in no particular order.

The IP Man Film Series. Starring Donnie Yen and his amazing martial arts skills. If you haven't seen it you're missing out!

Chocolate. One of the best Thai films! I highly recommend watching with English subtitles.

Rush Hour Film Series. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are comedic gold together.

What Happened to Monday. Watched on Netflix. Going to the DVD stack.

Spy Kids Film Series. Phenomenal cast! Mostly nostalgia. I only claim 1, 2, & 3 though. HAHA.

Forbidden Kingdom. Jet-Li, Jackie Chan, and Lui Yifei kicking butt together? Amazing!

Next. Nicolas Cage's role inspired a character in my Comic--to be revealed in the future.

Bad Boys. Both 1 & 2 were great movies. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence? Fantastic duo.

Kick Ass Film Series. I really hoped for a 3rd film. Chloe Grace Mortez, Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson and Evan Peters in the same, hilarious and action packed movie? Absolutely!

Set it Off. A bittersweet, awesome 90s film with Queen Latifah, Jada-Pickett Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Kimberly Elise pulling your heart strings.

The One. Jet-Li kicking his own butt? Pretty Suave. HAHA.

John Wick Film Series. What is it about Keanu Reeves-you may know him from the Matrix- that just makes for a fantastic film?

Blade Film Series. You don't really get anymore awesome than Wesley Snipes playing a vampire who slays other vampires. Or do you? Maybe when Ryan Reynolds joined the team..?

Furie. This is an amazing Vietnamese, 2019, film. Martial arts on a moving train, anyone?

This Girl is Badass. JeeJa Yanin, the same talented woman who starred in Chocolate, kicked butt in this film. With a Bike, no less.

Riddick Film Series. Vin Diesel battling some other-worldly beasts and then some with a great plot? Sign me up, every time.

Taken Film Series. I can't make a great list of action films and not mention Liam Neeson. That's just rude. Haha.

The Equalizer Film Series. Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all time. Super versatile. Gets the assignment right every time. If you don't know who he is, for shame.

Crank & Safe. You definitely know his face, but may not remember his name. Haha. Jason Statham has been filling out movie screens for a while and he's very good at it. These are two totally unrelated films starring the same actor. Couldn't choose, so I picked both.

Shaft. Samuel L. Jackson being hilarious and kicking butt is the best treat for a weekend.

Red. When two movie legends like Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman are in for the same action-packed ride, how can you miss it? You don't.

Trance. Okay, I have to tell you, James McAvoy is brilliant. Ever since I saw him in Narnia I've followed his movie career and I'm amazed every single time. I loved the twist in this film.

iRobot & I Am Legend. Easily two classic Will Smith films that deserve more praise. Just watch.

6 Underground, Deadpool Film Series. Can't get enough of Ryan Reynold's candor and he's a breath of fresh air every time he appears in an action film.

The Mummy Trilogy. I don't claim anything after 3rd movie's release in 2008. Adding Jet-Li to the franchise was pretty cool.

Sherlock Holmes Film Series. Robert Downey JR did a fantastic job as the famous detective. I was hoping for more. If you haven't seen them, you're missing out on witty fun.

Unbreakable, Split, & Glass. This three-film movie series was pure GOLD. And if you don't think that James McAvoy is one of the best actors after seeing him in Split, I can't claim you. Haha. Just kidding. But, if you haven't seen these films starring Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, & James McAvoy then I don't know what you're waiting for!

Zombieland Films. Last but not least is one of the best zombie comedies on the planet. Starring the quirky and hilarious Jesse Eilenberg who reminds me soooo much of Actors Michael Cera and Anton Yelchin, rest his soul. Can't forget about Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone. I can't believe it took 10 years to get a second movie. I didn't even watch it before I bought the DVD. Haha. If you haven't seen it, you won't regret it!


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