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Binge Worth TV Series

Hello Again Adm Fam and Visitors.

Today's blog post is another list. This time, I'm recommending some of my favorite TV Series for anyone who needs to sit back and relax. When I'm really stressed, I take more breaks from my work. Since I haven't been sleeping well as of late, however, I feel like I'm taking more breaks than usual (at least until I manage to fall asleep and wake up only hours later). In this time, if I'm not cooking, cleaning, reading or doing stuff with my pets, I spend some time getting lost in a good movie or a series, although I tend to watch movies much more than I do any TV series.

That said, I don't have cable, by choice. Luckily for me, there are a ton of subscription services out in the world nowadays that offer seasons of amazing TV series for all of us to enjoy. From Amazon Prime, to Hulu, Netflix, Paramount, and HBO Max, the list goes on. And when all else fails, there's always handy-dandy DVDs!

At any rate, being able to sit down and watch a TV series is a good distraction from a horrible bout of insomnia. If none of you are having trouble sleeping the last week or two, I'm very happy for you--but I'm also jealous. Haha. Share your secret.

No really, help me out here. Between reading before bed, sitting in the dark (as if I don't do that most of the day already), drinking water, actually getting away from the screens, and even doing my nightly exercises before bed to tire me out aren't working at this point.

I'm fairly certain that a good portion of my insomnia is the result of being insanely stressed out lately, but because of things it would take forever to explain I can't just ignore or get rid of these things stressing me out. Any one out there have any kind of suggestions? Simple, unorthodox, anything goes at this point. Luckily, I'm not irritable when I don't get any sleep.

Anyway, let's get to the list shall we? Here are some totally Binge-Worthy TV Series, and where you may be able to find them, in no particular order. You may also be able to watch some of these via Google Play Movies, Peacock TV, Fox, and even a few on Disney + (Kind of weird considering, but hey. I'm all for it). See any of your favorites? - Hannah (Amazon Prime Video)

- Truth Seekers (Amazon Prime Video)

- Supernatural (Netflix, CW)

- The Walking Dead (Netflix, AMC)

- The Adventures of Merlin (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video)

- Person of Interest (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, CBS)

- The Blacklist (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video)

- Monk (Amazon Prime Video)

- 9-1-1 (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)

- Evil (Netflix, Paramount)

- The Good Doctor (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)

- Chance (Hulu)

- House (Amazon Prime Video)

- Criminal Minds (Hulu, Paramount, Amazon Prime Video)

- NCIS (Netflix, CBS, Amazon Prime Video)

- Ghost Whisperer (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)

- Carnival Row (Amazon Prime Video)

- The Client List (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)

- A Different World (Amazon Prime Video)

- Charmed, 1998 Series (Amazon Prime Video)

- Bones (Amazon Prime Video)

- Sherlock (HBO, Amazon Prime Video)

- Whose Line is it Anyway? (HBO, Amazon Prime Video)

- The Big Bang Theory (CBS, HBO, Amazon Prime Video)

- Doctor Who (HBO, Amazon Prime Video)


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